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Return man is basically game type developed by Entertainment and Sports Programming Network about American football. In fact Return Man 3 Unblocked is the latest edition of return games .Compared to the previous versions you will notice a lot of difference on how the game is played as it got new missions, new levels that just make this version more fun. Though graphics are the same, return man 3 is just awesome.

So with this, how do you play Return Man 3? Well this is how you go about it


Well with this version of the game it focuses mainly on catching the ball and scoring touch down. It’s not that simple as it sound since you have to put in mind that the opponent as well has good defense team. Though in the first few level of the game is easy and so you easily pass the first few levels but as the level increases the game also becomes harder and at this levels you will have to show what you know about American football and which moves are the best to assist you in the current situation.

In the course of the game each time you score touchdown you will earn points and once the points are enough you will be able to unlock six special moves which you will have to learn and apply them to get the best out of the game.

To add onto that you can unlock blockers as well. There are three different blockers with each blocker having better skills and offering better defense and you will have to earn high scores to get them on your side.


The game is quite simple, you will have to receive the ball and run through the whole field and if you manage to reach the finish line with the ball in your hands you win but if the defenders get you and pull you down then you lose.

Since we have known how the game is supposed to be played we should know the controls of the game so as to apply the skills.


Use the following keys:

I-To run forward

J-To run left

K-To run down

L-To run right.

Use A to make a special move.

*You can still change the directions in the settings menu to W, A, S, D

Return Man 3 Unblocked is unarguably the best game when it comes to American football and you will concur with me once you have played for a couple of times.